About Us

About Us


Founded in 1986, Mapal is now jointly owned by kibbutz Mevo Hamma and Gazit Industries. Mapal manufactures polypropylene sheets and rolls for packaging, printing, solar panels, agriculture and other industries.


Mapal‘s Agricultural Department was established in an effort to respond to the growing interest and need of the worldwide agricultural community in soil-less culture systems, it has since developed and expanded its professional soil-less cultivation systems to include solutions for herbs, cut flowers, vegetables and strawberry cultivation. 
Mapal‘s factory is located in Israel, a country well acquainted with difficult climate and soil problems. We, at Mapal understand the need to recycle drainage water and have developed systems and products to minimize waste. 

Mapal’s polypropylene troughs & drainage collection systems

Mapal‘s  products are very durable and especially treated to be UV resistant as well as resistant to steam sterilization (MPS), chemicals and acids.  Mapal‘s troughs are suitable for all kinds of substrates such as volcanic soil, coir – coco peat, perlite, rock wool, peat and others.
The troughs are offered in flexible dimensions (length, width, depth and thickness) suitable for any drainage system and easily assembled to best serve the growers‘ needs.

Mapal strives to offer systems that increase the yield and the quality of the crops while being the most effective for collecting and recycling drainage water.

We are an environmentally conscious enterprise and have ensured that our products are environmentally friendly as well as recyclable.

The Agricultural department has a highly professional team who constantly work to improve the systems and develop new ideas as well as adapt the products to the customer‘s requirements.

Mapal boasts many distributors through out the world and works with many Turn Key project companies around the world ( Mexico, India, Russia, Spain, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, France, Australia, Turkey, Ethiopia…).